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July 12, 2011 Leave a comment

Save 67% at the Westin Kierland in Scottsdale Arizona

If you’re heading out on Vacation this year… here’s a site you may want to consider. VacationRox as the Name suggests, Vacations do ROCK! And this site proves it… the prices are insanely low. They also show you what the comparison Expedia, Travelocity and prices are (compared the the VacationRox pricing).


Scottsdale Arizona

The Westin Kierland Villas – Retail Price: $2100 / Week
VacationRox Price: $699 (save 67%)

Sedona Arizona
The Sedona Summit Resort – Retail Price: $1500 / Week
VacationRox Price: $499 (save 67%)

Las Vegas Nevada
Club 36 Resort (Bluegreen Resorts) – Retail Price $1500 / Week
VacationRox Price: $499 / Week (Save 67%)